Refund policy

1.Return product definition

When customers complete purchases through product consultation or directly on the relevant platform of the mall, we will assist them in obtaining technical support or commodity consultation services for the goods or products purchased. However, in some cases, the customer's dissatisfaction with a product may be completely beyond our control, in which case it may be treated as a return, if the customer requests a return and meets the specifications of the return policy of the mall, consumption The amount will be refunded to the customer.

2.refund policy

According to the "Consumer Rights Protection Law", online shopping consumers are considered to be hesitant within 7 days (including 6 days, national holidays) from the date of receipt of the goods, but the hesitation period is not a trial period, especially based on information. The product (online course) involves copyright. When you use the course, including: login to the learning website, we are unable to process the return for you. Please return according to our application to ensure your rights. After receiving your return request, Customer Service will check it. If you meet the return conditions, please contact customer service to inform the refund process. Description of the return policy:

  ■When returning some physical goods, the consumer must bear the shipping costs incurred for delivery and return. Please carefully evaluate the product for compliance when purchasing.

  ■For taxes on physical goods due to cross-border sales, we will not refund the amount of the merchandise tax paid when you apply for a return.

  ■When shopping at this mall, please reconfirm your purchase to meet your needs. You may not request a return to the mall due to personal factors after the hesitation period or the hesitant refund condition. If you take strong measures to cause goodwill or other business losses to the mall, the mall may claim compensation from you. 

  ■Some of the goods are two-stage payment. The first-phase payment is the purchase purchase deposit. When you complete the deposit payment, it is deemed to have been purchased. We calculate the 7-day hesitation period from the payment date. If the course has been acquired and started to be used after the deposit is paid, it is deemed to have been confirmed to be officially purchased during the hesitation period.

  ■The 7-day hesitation period does not mean unconditional return. The mall reserves the right to return the goods. The rights are limited to the following:

       ★The consumer provided a reasonable reason to request a return within 7 days of purchase.

       ★The consumer provides a valid proof that the paid item is fraudulent or unauthorized.

       ★In order to comply with the rules of the credit card industry, ACH industry rules, and relevant national laws and their judicial or law enforcement regulations.

       ★  For any other reason that this mall considers appropriate.

3.Return procedure

The consumer requests a return within 7 days. Please follow the customer service center to submit an application. The form must fill in the purchaser's last name, name, phone number, E-mail address and the name of the purchased product and the reason for the return. We will review the case after receiving the application. After the review, the E-Mail will reply and notify the consumer to complete the return administrative process. After the completion, the refund will usually be completed within 7 working days.

4.Abuse of return policy

If the customer is too dense, frequent or repeated return, the mall will prohibit the account from purchasing the right to purchase the goods as appropriate.

5.Return policy reform

This store reserves the right to modify this return policy at any time, so please check it frequently. We will notify you by email if there are material changes to our policies. If you continue to use the Service after any modification or change, and you believe that you have read, understood and agreed to accept the revised or changed policy, you agree to the Return Policy. If you do not agree to this return policy, or if your country or region excludes the content of this return policy, we recommend that you stop using the service immediately.